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IACET Program Completion Requirements Policy.

​It is the policy of Skybridge that each attendee must successfully complete all criteria for the course in order to be eligible to receive CEUs for an eligible event. 

Completion requirements include:

100% attendance for the course.
Completion of Continuing Education and Training Registration Form.
Active participation in all class activities (determined by course instructor).
Completion of required pre-and post-quiz assessment.
As applicable, achievement of minimum passing score on required end-of-course examination.
Participation and submittal of end-of-course evaluation form (must provide name on form to receive credit).

What is IACET? 

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training is a non-profit association dedicated to quality continuing education and training programs. Among a very diverse range of organizations, IACET accredits education providers that are able to successfully show compliance with the ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard for Continuing Education and Training.

IACET’s mission is to promote and enhance quality in continuing education and training through research, education, and the development and continuous improvement of IACET criteria, principles, and standards. The IACET standard is what learners seek for quality and is the core of thousands of educational programs worldwide.

What is an Authorized Provider?

For Continuing Education (CE), earning Authorized Provider (AP) status means that we have implemented policies and procedures to ensure the highest quality for our students. It means that we take great care to hire qualified staff and instructors, that we focus on learning outcomes and create systems to support our students, and that we regularly assess the quality of not only our programs, but our operations.

Why did Skybridge apply for IACET accreditation? 

We made the decision to apply for AP status because we knew it would help us become a better organization providing better quality for our students just by going through the process. And certainly, being recognized by the leader in the CE/T field helps lend credibility to and confidence in our programs.

Any organization can host a learning event. But it takes true commitment to become an authorized provider of IACET Continuing Education Units (CEU).

      IACET Authorized Provider status tells the world:

We’ve committed our organization to a rigorous accreditation application and review process, involving extensive hands-on evaluation and verification.
Our policies and processes have been thoroughly benchmarked against the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training.
We’ve engaged the expertise of instructional design professionals nationwide to make your continuing education and training the best it can be

Accreditation gives us a competitive edge

In the world of continuing education and training (CE/T), IACET stands for “best in class”—and AP accreditation puts us ahead of the game. Our reputation benefits from affiliation with the ANSI/IACET Standard.

AP accreditation also makes branding sense. After accreditation, IACET supports us with draft news releases to announce your achievement

Educational articles for promoting our thought leadership.
Permission to use the IACET AP logo and approved IACET statement in our marketing materials.

What is a CEU?

Developed by IACET in 1970, A CEU, or Continuing Education Unit is a standard unit of measurement for quantifying continuing education and training activities (CE/T). One (1) IACET CEU equals 10 contact hours of participation in an organized CE/T experience delivered under responsible ownership capable direction, and qualified instruction. Not all CEU’s are created equal! The term “CEU” is in the public domain and can be used by organizations that are not IACET Authorized Providers. IACET CEUs are recognized by learners, instructors, regulators and employers worldwide and can only be awarded by IACET Authorized Providers. This distinction assures employers, credentialing associations, licensing bodies and others that a learner has completed a quality program that meets the national standard for continuing education and training.
Who needs CEUs?

Examples of people who need CEUs include: teachers, interior designers/interior architects, lighting designers, architects, engineers, school administrators, educators, nurses, mental health professionals, and social workers. Skybridge
Can you earn CEUs for training you have attended prior to Skybridge IACET approval?
No, CEUs can only be issued, for eligible courses and programs, to students who meet all training requirements; AFTER Skybridge has been approved as an Authorized Provider.
How many CEUs can clients earn by attending one of Skybridge courses?
The number of CEUs that can be earned for eligible courses and programs will vary. Please refer to the Course Page on Skybridge website or individual Course Syllabus for specific details.
Are partial credits provided?
Skybridge does not offer partial CEUs for any of its programs
Can clients use my IACET CEUs for college credit?
Acceptance of IACET CEUs for college credit is at the discretion of the college or university.
Who accepts IACET CEUs?

Similar to college credits that are given at one university and transferred to another, any organization has the right to accept or reject IACET CEUs. If clients are concerned about whether particular organizations or associations will accept IACET CEUs, clients should directly contact them.

What kinds of training evaluations will clients be asked to complete?

As of 11/18, we have implemented the new Pre/Post exams.  It is imperative that you review the following assessments and understand their importance.

Clients will be asked to complete evaluation materials before, during and after the training.

  1. Pre-Assessment- The Pre-Assessment generally takes about 15 minutes to complete. The answers provided help us understand your knowledge base as you begin the training.
  2. Training Feedback-This is completed at the end of the training day. For multiple day programs, it is completed on the last day of the training. The form generally takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, is entirely anonymous and assists us to determine how successful we have been in the design and delivery of the training and learning outcomes.
  3. Post Assessment- The Post-Assessment assesses gains in new knowledge after completing the training. The answers provided help us understand how well we have done at meeting the course learning outcomes after students’ completion of the training.
  4. Electronic Survey-Throughout the academic year, we will be randomly selecting participants to participate in a brief electronic survey that will be emailed approximately three months post completion of your training.

​The evaluation feedback is very important. It is used by Skybridge Curriculum Design Committee to make improvements to future trainings.




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